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Speed is what makes a Super Web unique from the other. Super Web is built for speed. As speed is an important factor of a web browser we had done lot of little but useful things to make your browsing amazingly fast.

Key features that make Super Web fast:

Super Web is a screamer concerning security too. Super Web features a highly advanced Sandboxing technology which filters the malicious contents from the webpages and makes it secure for your computer. It gives you a special protection when you browse banking sites or any websites concerned with your cash card and banking details.Super Web also has domain highlighting which makes you easier to identify whether you are browsing a genuine website or not. Super Web also provides you with many advanced security information about the website that you are visiting.

Mini browser is a new feature which keeps you always in touch with your Social Networks or Email. Super Web offers Mini Browser which keeps you with all your favorite stuff while browsing other websites. Mini browser currently features Facebook and Twitter under social networking and G mail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail under Email. In future we will be adding more features to Mini Browser. Their are different use cases for Mini Browser. If you are busy with your projects and still want to be notified with your email or social networks you can still have Mini Browser floating around anywhere on your computer even with powerful applications for video and photo editing . Mini Browser also supports single sign in and advanced security features as the main browser.

Tab preview is another stunning new feature unique to Super Web. Tab preview gives you a quick preview of any of your open tabs. Just hover over any open tab and have a glance at what is happening on you tab. To return back to the current tab just move your mouse away from it and you are back in your current tab. Tab preview is extremely useful when you have number of tabs open and want to find a particular tab form it.

Super Web has lot to be customized and make it yours. Themes are one of the most common ways of customizing the browser and hence Celensoft provides a large collection of themes which can be used to customize Super Web and make it truly yours.You can download large collection of themes from Celensoft Super Web Store. You can go to Super Web store by clicking on Super Web Store form the preferences menu. You can also go to Super Web Store from the new tab page.

Super Web now integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and hence you can share and view your posts from Super Web. With deep Twitter integration you can tweet directly form Super Web. You can share the webpages you visit with you fiends with Super Web. Click on the Preferences button and then choose share and finally choose your preferred social network. You can even select a text from the webpage and then tweet it directly all from Super Web.

Translation is also built directly into Super Web. Any website you feel that needs translation, no problem Super Web translator can help you out. Just go to the preferences menu and then click on translate webpage, choose your desired language and click on translate. Super Web offers a collection of over 20 languages and with auto detect, that means Super Web detects the current language of the web page and offers a wide variety of languages for translation.

Today PDF is one of the most common format on the web for storing large and rich documents. PDF is a flexible format but it is not well handled by most browser nowadays. But Super Web takes a different approach in handling PDF files. Super Web has a built in PDF viewer for managing PDF files. As soon as a PDF is detected on the website PDF Viewer opens to reveal the content. It also provides the option for saving and easy navigation of the content. PDF Viewer uses Adobe Reader installed in your computer to preview the PDF files.

Compatibility mode is for some websites that are designed to run on older versions of web browsers and does not support the advanced Script engine that Super Web uses. Compatibility mode loads older websites which have not been updated, using its IE Engine. For some websites that have compatibility issues and had registered with Celensoft, compatibility mode will automatically start making it more easier to use and browse the web.